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2 Billion Mobile Processors By 2016, Says JPR

The firm believes that more than 2 billion processors will be shipping into the mobile market place in 2016. The forecast mentions 750 million smartphones, 869 million feature phones, about 300 million tablets, 100 million e-book readers and 91 million handheld game consoles.

JPR said that those categories will be able to coexist for some time and will appeal to consumers via a different form, primary function, and price. The firm predicts that all those devices will be connected all the time and most will feature 3D displays and 3D cameras.

The mobile devices market is shaping up to be highly-competitive and, because of its 16 processor companies, to be headed into a market consolidation phase, JPR suggests. According to Jon Peddie, the new entrants and smaller manufacturer will be at risk of being acquired by the established processor makers.