First Chrome OS Desktop PC Announced

 It is not a device originally engineered to run Chrome OS, but was initially created to run Windows 7 and Suse Linux. on July 4, the company says the box will also be available with Chrome OS.

Design is a matter of taste, but the Chromium PC surely is different and may be something you are more willing to display in your family room than a netbook. The computer is built using a modular inside and out. Switching a board on the inside can switch the operating system, while multiple systems create a scalable architecture.

The specs for the Chromium PC aren't final yet, but current Windows/Linux versions run on 8 to 25 watt AMD Athlon single- or dual-core processors. The PC will provide six USB ports, two eSATA ports, DisplayPort and DVI interfaces as well as Ethernet, video/audio and power connections. It is not a particularly cheap PC, as prices currently start at $849 and top out at about $1500 if equipped with a 128 GB SSD and a faster processor. Among the customization options is a chrome finish ($30).

  • fyend
    At that price is should have a fruit as its logo.
  • rpmrush
    25W worth of processing? $150 maybe? That's outrageous.
  • memadmax
  • dalauder
    So Google is targetting Apple's market then? Problem: Apple users don't know Chrome OS exists. Most people who consider switching to Chrome OS look at it more as an alternative to Linux w/ a cloud.
  • kilo_17
    FyendAt that price is should have a fruit as its logo.+1
  • eddieroolz
    That looks like an old iMac. Honestly.

    The price reinforce that idea.
  • 11796pcs
    Haha... a 25w processor- that looks pathetic compared to my 125w. Also anybody else think that Chrome OS has already gone too far and that it will simply die a slow painful death or go nowhere. I don't think consumers are ready for the cloud.
  • gorfmaster1
    it does look like Google is trying to run Microsoft competition but it will never happen unless windows rereleases vista as windows 8
  • legacy7955
    The arrogance of Google keeps getting better and better.

    You have to wonder who they are using for marketing and consulting....obviously a firm that will tell them anything they want to hear.
  • Th-z
    The computer is not built by Google, it's by another company called ISYS. So you can't draw the same analogy between Google and Apple. The article should have mentioned it.