DISASSEMBLED: Kin Two Phone With Nvidia Tegra

Microsoft recently launch the Kin One and Kin Two, a couple of social networking smartphones that didn't so much as make a splash as they did a plop. Still, these are the very first Microsoft-brand smartphones and that's a milestone for the company. Interesting or not, these devices represent a big step for Microsoft and pave the way for future devices.

We know the phones are based on the same foundation as Windows Phone 7, though they don't actually run any iteration of the new mobile OS. We've seen videos of the UI, and we know what messaging, social networking and surfing looks like. However, we don't know is what it looks like on the inside. Luckily the folks over at Chipworks have taken one of the devices apart and laid the pieces out for us to see. We're still waiting to see what the oddly-shaped Kin One looks like splayed out on a white table so you'll have to make do with spot-the-Tegra with the Kin Two for now.

Click on through to Chipworks for more images and full details of the teardown.

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  • NapoleonDK
    Why they didn't put Win phone 7 on there we may never know... =\

    What a weird pair of phones, uhg...
  • alextheblue
    Interesting. I would definitely like to see a Windows Phone 7 device with Tegra 2, down the road.
  • alextheblue
    NapoleonDKWhy they didn't put Win phone 7 on there we may never know... =\

    Why didn't HTC put Android 3.1 on the Incredible?