Kingston's Cute Flying Horse USB Drive for Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year is almost upon us, and Kingston is injecting a little festive cheer into its product line to celebrate the occasion. The company is releasing a USB stick just for the holiday and, given 2014 is the year of the Horse, Kingston thinks it's an interesting one.

Dubbed 'Flying Horse,' this little guy is the latest addition to Kingston's DataTraveler Chinese Zodiac USB drive line and is secured in a little Kingston display case. The drive features a capacity of 16 GB. Unfortunately, there's no option for larger capacities if 16 GB doesn't cut it for you.

"Our DataTraveler Chinese Zodiac USB drive lineup has been praised by collectors worldwide," Nathan Su, Flash Memory Sales Director, APAC Region, Kingston, said, "As the Year of the Horse approaches, Kingston is proud to present [a] Flying Horse Limited Edition USB drive that comes with a vivid red color and robust design. It is sold in a firecracker package, aiming to fire up people's spirit throughout the year. This exclusive limited edition USB drive also represents our good wish of a flying success in the coming year."

Unfortunately, Kingston hasn't specified as to whether or not this cute thumb drive will be available outside of its Asia Pacific region. Previous years, the company has kept its Chinese Zodiac USB as APAC-only. However, last year's Year of the Snake USB key is available on for anyone to purchase and was available at retailers around the country when it was announced last year.
We've reached out for clarification on availability as well as information on price so we'll update when those details come through.

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  • lp231
    It's also their logo call Pegasus
  • empstar
    It should be on 31Jan2014 is the first days of CNY. so Horse year also starting on 31Jan2014.
  • crazyalan
    wow, this is not really a news since it's a knockoff version of the BoneCollection design product. Their USB drives had been around since years ago. Packaging is similar too, not really honored if you respect the field of design. Just saying. Their lunar year line: