Seagate Completes Acquisition of LaCie

At this time, Seagate holds only 64.5 percent of the company, but intends to acquire at least 30.5 percent more from other shareholders, which apparently have not agreed to a sale yet.

Philippe Spruch and his affiliate have received $5.01 per share, but will get another 15 cents per share, if Seagate will hold at least 95 percent of the share capital and voting rights of LaCie within six months. To achieve this goal, Seagate has increased its offer to shareholders to $5.57 per share. Ay $5.01 per share, the purchase price of LaCie was about $186 million, which includes all assets as well as $65 million in cash.

Philippe Spruch will join Seagate and will be responsible for Seagate's consumer storage business.


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  • belardo
    er... why? Don't they already have a retail department?

    Oh yeah, buy out a competitor... not to actually grow the retail channel.
  • maqsabre
    and they're still not able to meet the demands,
    keep lying about shortages
  • Anonymous
    Yet another Toms article that wasn't proof read! It's getting to beyond a joke over the last few years.