Lenovo’s Legion H600 Is a Wireless Charging Headset That May Actually Make Sense

Lenovo Legion H600
(Image credit: Lenovo)

From smartphones to gaming peripherals, wireless charging is getting more common. Its advantage, however, isn’t always obvious. In the case of the wireless charging gaming headsets, Lenovo may be onto something with the Legion H600 announced today during CES 2021.

We’ve seen wireless charging gaming headsets before. The HyperX went with Qi wireless charging, by far the most well-known of its kind, for the Cloud Flight S. However, the headset’s battery is in the left earcup, so you have to awkwardly place it on a Qi charger to give it juice. 

 HyperX Cloud Flight S with Qi charging (Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

The Legion H600 works differently. It doesn’t use Qi charging, which, unfortunately, means you won’t be able to charge it with a wireless charger you already have. However, if you buy the Legion S600 Gaming Station Lenovo also announced today, the cans will charge while hanging. This is a much better look than laying one earcup on a Qi pad and will also likely take up less desk space.

(Image credit: Lenovo)

Lenovo’s Legion H600 uses contact charging with both the headset and stand having two pogo pins to charge the battery in the headset’s earcup. The headset stand uses AC power for charging. 

The major obvious downside is you have to use this specific headset and headset stand. The Legion H600 headset is $100, and the Legion S600 Gaming Station is $90. Both are expected to be available in April. 

Somewhat softening the blow is that the headset stand comes with other features, including a Qi charger of its own. The headset stand’s base offers up to 10W output, allowing it to charge products, like smartphones or gaming mice, that support wireless Qi charging. It also has two USB Type-A passthrough ports, essentially adding an additional port to your system (if we don’t count the USB port needed to connect the stand to your PC).

(Image credit: Lenovo)

If you’re wondering how often you'll have to hang up the H600 to charge, Lenovo told us the headset’s expected to last for up to 20 hours if you’re listening to it at 50% volume. 

The Legion H600 will compete for the title of Best Gaming Headset with 50mm drivers and  a claimed latency of under 35ms with its 2.4-GHz USB dongle. Meanwhile, the headband is retractable, and the memory foam ear cups are both angle adjustable and covered in cloth. Particularly nifty for the new work-from-home world, the headset’s unidirectional mic includes a flip-to-mute feature. 

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