LG Announces New Batch Of 4K TVs Ahead Of CES

LG already sells a fleet of 4K TVs -- 24 SKUs to be exact -- but the company is planning to add more to the collection by announcing a new batch of 4K TVs that will be shown next week at CES. The company is keeping a lot of information about the new TVs under wraps until the show, but they provided an early glimpse of what's in store for the new generation.

The two main features for the new TVs are the displays, which are called Wide Color LED and Quantum Dot. The company says Wide Color LED uses different phosphor-based LEDs to show greater color depth. As for Quantum Dot, the company claims that the new technology increases color gamut by 30 percent and offers high color accuracy. Other visual features include the True Black Control to create darker blacks, Natural Color to reduce errors in color reproduction, and the Contrast Optimizer to bring out the most in brightness and contrast.

In terms of audio output, LG partnered with Harman/Kardon to make front-facing speakers called the ULTRA Surround System for five of the new TVs. LG is giving some special treatment to the UF9500 series by adding an Auditorium Stand to the TV in order to centralize sound.

Smart TVs continue to be a staple of today's TVs. In the past, LG used webOS as the foundation for its Smart TV platform. WebOS was originally a mobile patent from HP, until it was sold to LG last year as part of a plan to boost the company's financial position. With this new batch of TVs, LG upgraded the webOS to webOS 2.0. With this new upgrade, the company said boot time is increased by 60 percent and now allows users to customize the launcher bar, although it's unclear if that is the full extent of the software's new features.

While the price for the 4K TVs are still a mystery, it could be assumed that these TVs will all be over the $1000 price range, considering the many features involved. Right now, the 40-inch LG 40UB8000 is the cheapest 4K TV offered at $1199.99. Conversely, the most expensive 4K TV from the company is the 105-inch 105UC9 which features a 21:9 aspect ratio, 3D capabilities, and a curved screen for the insane price of $99,999.99.

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