LG Shows Off Smartwatch in New Promotional Video

We got our first glimpse of LG's smartwatch offering when Google announced Android Wear, its dedicated Android build for wearable devices. Unfortunately, with Android Wear the star of the show, we didn't hear an awful lot about LG's hardware. Dubbed the G Watch, LG told us it would be a low barrier to entry for developers but revealed nothing else. This week, the company gave us another little peek at the device.


LG has released an official promo video for the G Watch, and though it's short, it does give us a little more to go on than what we had before. For instance, we now know that the device will feature a metal body and will be waterproof (essential if you're going to be wearing this device while doing sports). Yes, the video does specify waterproof as opposed to water resistant, so we're anxious to hear more about that. Not mentioned is anything to do with dust, though we're sure the device is dust resistant, too. The video also mentions 'ready for anything on a single charge,' though it's not clear if that means the device will last all day on one charge, or much longer. Given most smartphone users still aren't happy about the fact that their phones need to be charged once a day, we can't imagine a watch that needs to be plugged in at night will go over. Lastly, it's not mentioned, but it looks like the device might have an 'always on' display. Check the video below to see for yourself. We're hoping to hear more about the G Watch at LG's G3 event later this month. We'll keep you posted!

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