Hello G3 Phone? LG Schedules 'G' Event for May 27

Earlier this week, LG confirmed that its newest flagship phone, the LG G3, will be out before the end of the second quarter. The news was revealed in a statement about the company's Q1 quarterly earnings. Now, it looks like we have a date for the unveiling of the phone. Though it has not yet been confirmed, LG today sent out invitations to an event that is widely believed to be the launch of the G3.

"To be simple is to be Great," the invitation reads. The event will take place in London, New York, and San Francisco on May 27. Events in Seoul, Singapore and Istanbul will take place on May 28. Though the invitation offers no inclination as to what we can expect, it has to be the G3 unless LG is planning a quiet launch for the device or has another event scheduled for June.

Speaking during its earnings report, the company specifically stated that the release of the G3 would impact Q2 revenues. If that's the case, it would need to be available well before the end of Q2 (which is the end of June), so a May launch fits the bill perfectly. Rumors about the device point to a Quad HD display with a resolution of 2360 x 1440 pixels. LG talked about a Quad HD smartphone display last August, around the same time as when the G2 launched. Measuring 1.21 mm thick with a 1.2 mm bezel, the 5.5-inch panel is 12 percent thinner than the 5.2-inch panel on the G2 and packs 534 ppi.

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  • jerm1027
    I really liked the design of the G2, but if the speculation is true, the G3's resolution war has crossed the line of ludicrous - most content is still 720p or less, and pixel density beyond 300ppi isn't practical, as most content is viewed from about 10 - 12" (ie "Retina"), especially with larger and larger screens; what am I going to do 2360x1440 on a tablet phone!? I don't view content with my eye-ball pressed against the screen. The closest I can comfortably view content on my note II is about 9" (typically I'm more than a foot away though), and at 1080p screen would be "Retina" even at 9". If I'm viewing 1080p from 12" or more, which is typical, a 1080p screen could be 7.5 - 8" and still be "Retina" If that screen sacrifices battery life, it's a deal-breaker for me. And considering my Note II's 720p Super AMOLED screen is the primary battery drain on my phone, which is pretty efficient, I don't see how the G3 is going to get respectable battery life while retaining that ridiculous resolution. Again, impractical at best.
  • Sana Kaur
    I am just loving this phone it has many good features and i liked it's design and color.