LG Intros Two New Ultrabooks and Windows 8 Tablet

We've seen a lot of laptops over the last couple of weeks thanks to IDF and IFA. With both shows wrapped, things are slowing down a little, but LG is looking to jump on the bandwagon with a couple of new ultrabooks and a new Windows 8 tablet. These were announced by LG Korea, so we don't actually have any details on when these will be available in the United States or anywhere else outside of Korea. CyberShack spied one of these, the 15U530, back in June when it talked to LG about its Haswell plans. LG said it would be available in Q3, so we're assuming we'll hear something about an international launch soon enough.


In the meantime, TechPowerUp reports that both the 13.3-inch 13Z930 and the 15-inch 15U530 pack ISP displays, a Core i5-4200U CPU and 128 GB of SSD storage. The 13Z930 pairs the Haswell CPU with HD 4400 graphics, while the larger 15-inch 15U530 boasts 2 GB Nvidia GeForce GT 720M graphics with an additional 750 GB of mechanical storage. There's less information available about the tablet, which features a slide-out keyboard and the same CPU and 128 GB SSD as the new ultrabooks.

No word on pricing or availability for any of the above, but we'll keep you posted!

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  • bmwman91
    Nice, LG is hiring Centauri clones to model with their products.

    /obscure scifi reference
  • joaompp
    Looks like Sony's over priced VAIO duos is getting some competition. Can't wait
  • BringMeAnother
    I was hoping for the 15in to be higher than FHD, but looking at other sources, it seems that it will be FHD. That leaves the Sony Vaio Flip 15 the only ultrabook with larger than 13in screen and higher than FHD.
  • JasCola

    Close, but her hair is not pulled back into a pony tail.
  • shin0bi272
    @bmwman: aww I think shes cute
  • Duckhunt
    I like the yellow dress computer best. ;)