Linksys' SE4008 Switch Stacks With WRT1900AC Router

At the beginning of this year, Linksys announced the WTR1900AC wireless router. This router's design was based on the highly successful WRT54G, but with wireless 802.11ac capabilities. Part of that design was a stackable build. Now, the company has announced its SE4008 switch, which is built to match the appearance of the WRT1900AC.

The new switch comes with eight gigabit Ethernet ports and is powered by an external power brick. The gigabit Ethernet ports come with an auto-sensing technology that allows them to turn off when the connected device is switched off or if the port is not in use.

The SE4008 switch can be used on its own with other routers, although if you have a WRT1900AC router you can stack the two, with the router on top.

Official pricing wasn't revealed, although the SE4008 switch can be purchased at for $79.99.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

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  • jblack
    Autosense for Ethernet is where it detects the speed and duplex of a port ---- Not whether the port is connected to a device or not.