Merge VR Puts $1 Million Up For Grabs To Fund Merge Cube Projects

Merge VR, creator of the Merge VR mobile HMD and the upcoming Merge Cube, is seeking developers for the Merge AR platform, and it’s willing to pay for the privilege. The company put $1 million on the table to help fund the creation of compelling content for the Merge platform.

Merge VR revealed the Merge HoloCube, which is now known as the Merge Cube, at CES 2017. The Merge Cube complements AR and VR experiences by adding physical properties to virtual experiences. It features tracking markers that allow your smartphone to capture the Merge Cube’s orientation and movement. You can interact with any virtual object that developers attach to the Merge Cube.

The Merge Cube is an interesting concept, but supporting the platform is a risk for developers. VR is still a niche market, and its hard for developers to turn a profit. The AR market has a big future ahead of it, but it's too early to say which platforms will succeed and which ones will wither away. Merge wants its platform to come out on top, and it’s putting its money on the line to help entice developers to support its endeavor.

“We created the Merge Developer Fund to broaden our support of the dev community,” said Jeremy Kenisky, Merge VP of Creative. “The Merge Cube introduces an entirely new experience to the world, and the developer fund provides an awesome opportunity for devs to get creative and be ambitious.”

Merge VR said that it provides Merge Cube developer kits free of charge to developers that apply. The company said that over 400 kits are already in the hands of developers. Merge VR is already helping a handful of those developers with funding for projects for the Merge Cube. You can find more information about the Merge VR Developer Fund on the company’s development portal website. The Merge VR website offers more information about the Merge Cube and Merge VR HMDs and how you can get one.

Update June 6, 2017, 10:25am PT: Replaced older image with updated photo.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years.