Microsoft Fitness Smartband Displays Phone Messages

Thanks to a trusted source, here's what we know about Microsoft's upcoming smartband. The device will be cross-platform compatible, meaning it will likely be compatible with Windows Phone, Android and Apple's iOS platform. The device will also provide a display on the inside of the wrist like Razer's Nabu so that nosy neighbors aren't reading your messages.

Thanks to the source, we also know that Microsoft's wearable gadget will feature a slim design that resembles a flatter, thinner version of the Nike Fuelband (pictured). Somehow, Microsoft managed to cram 11 sensors into the device, with a mixture of Atmel and Texas Instruments chips under the hood. The source also mentioned open APIs and an interface that's rather "slick."

Now a source is telling Paul Thurrott something similar, but adding that the device will display smartphone-based notifications. The device will also track the user's steps, heart rate, calories burned and so on, and provide this information throughout the day. The band will also likely work with current apps provided by Microsoft such as Bing Health & Fitness and Healthvault, as well as third-party offerings.

As Thurrott points out, compatibility with all three platforms is an important step for Microsoft. As it stands now, Samsung's wearable devices only work with Samsung phones, Apple's iWatch will supposedly only work with the iPhone and iPad, and Android Wear gadgets will only work on more recent Android devices (Sony's SmartWatch 2 only works on Android). Providing compatibility with all three platforms is simply brilliant.

Microsoft's smartband is expected to be released in October, or sometime within Q4 2014, depending on the source. The pricing may be the same as Samsung Gear Fit, which sells for $199.

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  • gadgety
    Two keys, to me at least, are how will it be charged, and will it have vibrating alert?
  • back_by_demand
    Two keys, to me at least, are how will it be charged, and will it have vibrating alert?
    microUSB and yes