Microsoft Surface Mini May Be Revealed May 20

A small gathering? We doubt it. Microsoft is currently dishing out invitations to the press for a Surface-related event taking place on May 20 in New York City. This will be a private, closed event, so the public won’t know what’s going on until the press breaks the news. This event will likely be for the Surface Mini announcement: the words “small” and Surface” are our two clues.

So it’s about time, right? So far sources have claimed that the company has worked on this model for a few years at the least. They also said that the official unveiling would take place sometime around BUILD 2014 (April) and Computex 2014 (June). The invitation puts us right smack in the middle of both speculated/rumored release dates.

Just recently we reported that accessories vendor Vostrostone (VSTN) has the tablet on display via is Amazon listing, showing Microsoft’s 8-inch gadget in a Bluetooth keyboard stand case and an ultra-thin smart cover case that has “specifically designed cutouts for Microsoft Surface Mini tablet" so that the user has "access to all ports and controls." The covers will be in stock on May 18.

Back in April we also reported that the Surface mini may include a built-in Wacom digitizer so that the consumer can use a pen-like stylus instead of the fat and round versions (think Tegra Note 7). This will be the tablet's biggest selling feature, as the Surface Mini, according to sources, is all about taking notes with a real, digitizing pen.

Unfortunately, there’s little detail in regards to the specs. The tablet will either have a 7.5-inch or 8-inch screen: probably the latter thanks to the highly-competitive Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. This display will also have a 1400 x 1050 resolution, backed by Windows RT 8.1 and an ARM-based SoC. Could this device use Nvidia’s new Tegra K1 chip? Or the Tegra 4 at the least?

Naturally the rumor mill will begin heating up over the next few weeks as we get closer to the launch party. Expect plenty of leaks regarding its appearance and specs.

  • darealist
    Ugly UI doe
  • swordrage
    I was expecting an x86 based device. But given the size and probably the small amount of storage ARM will be better suited IMO. As long as there is free office and digitizer support, incompatibility of legacy apps can be fairly excused. But I really hope RT apps grow in number with replacements for mostly used legacy apps.
  • game junky
    I still can't figure out who the Surface RT platform is marketed to - the Windows store doesn't have the density of apps to fight fair with Apple or Google. I guess most of the main stream stuff goes to all 3 platforms and it can run Office 365 like the iPad so is it for people who want to be able to read their email and view/edit document attachments but still play Angry Birds without a huge price tag? Meh...they should have done an Xbox tablet - linked to XBL whenever connected but capable of playing offline. That would have been something unique that might have gotten some buy-in
  • hannibal
    Over 130000 applications... And crowing... how much more you need?
    The app problem was somewhat valid about a year ago... not any more. No it is matter of usability and what use you are going to need a tablet.
    The usability is just fine for keyboard touch screen mix. For pure touch, Android and iOs are better, but for hybrid use Windows is great.
    iOs may be the best entertainment device, android is quite near and more open system, windows tablets are great for content creation. So there is a use and a place to each system.
  • brettms71
    The surface RT is perfect for people like myself. I use it at work and have the tools I need. And then at home all I want to do is internet, mail and calendar. I have a new MSI G60 Laptop for gaming, so why spend a lot of money on a tablet, when all I want is internet and mail.
  • southernshark
    Dozens of people are excited about this, at least one or two might not be MS employees or their immediate family members.