Microsoft Flashes Next Wave of Windows Devices

Asia’s largest consumer electronics trade show, Computex, has already seen plenty of new devices and exciting announcements, but during Microsoft’s keynote, the software giant showed off a few never-before-seen tablets.

The first was a 7-inch Windows tablet from Toshiba. Nick Parker, Microsoft’s VP of OEM Partners showed off the mini-tablet, focusing primarily on its sleek, elegant design. The back of the device is finished with what Parker described as “champagne gold”, and was clear that the device would be priced "aggressively" to compete with other 7-inch tablets.

The HP Pro X2 612 is another newcomer. It’s billed as an enterprise-focused convertible. On the tablet side, the device comes with a standard stylus and a Wacom digitiser. The HP Pro X2 will also have business-level security out-of-the-box, and a battery life that could top out at around 14 hours. As with the Surface Pro 3, the X2 runs a 12.5-inch screen sporting HD resolutions and will come in Core i3 and i5 versions.

No hard release dates or prices were given for either device, but we should expect to hear more in the coming months.

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