Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Preorder Availability

The offer is now posted on the websites of numerous retailers and is priced at $69.99. This price applies to the actual physical upgrade package, including the Windows 8 product box that now comes in five different designs, as well as the upgrade DVD.

Keep in mind that this will be an "introductory" offer and prices may end up at the official list price of $199.99. The Windows 8 Pro upgrade also does not include the "Pro Pack", priced at $69.99, which comes with Bit Locker data encryption, the Smart Screen filter for web browsing, VPN connection technology DirectAccess as well as the Media Center extensions, which you will need if you want to play DVDs on your PC.

If you can wait until October 26, you can upgrade your PC via and pay $39.99 for the online upgrade, if you are running Windows XP, Vista or 7. Microsoft reminded us that those PC buyers who have bought or will buy a Windows 7 PC between June 2, 2012 and January 31, 2013, there will be an offer to upgrade for $14.99 beginning on October 26.

The full, standard version of Windows 8 will be priced at $99.99, while the Pro version will cost $139.99.

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  • echondo
    Uh, no?

    Sorry but Windows 8 belongs on touchscreen devices, not desktops.

    Gonna stick to Windows 7 for as long as possible and then switch to Linux when Steam has a good amount of games on there.

    Totally saves me $100's when building new systems!
  • twelve25
    So far, Linux is what seems to belong on touchscreen devices. I think you have it backwards.
  • ravinmachine
    Just waiting to see all those stores having midnight openings set up, and all they have are a few people in line so they can get the newest blue-rays instead.
  • thecolorblue
    you can use the digital upgrade license code as an upgrade license fro m vista or XP to windows 7 says Anandtech!!!
  • jaber2
    No thanks, will wait for your fixes on Windows 9 SP2
  • jakes69
    I got's well worth $40.

    People also said Vista sucks...I don't see the problem after service pack 1 update.
  • ricdiculus
  • SteelCity1981
    Windows 7 is all i need why would i go buy Windows 8 just to make it look like Windows 7. Pretty counter productive if you ask me. They can push these prices all they want and it's not going to matter much. Corp just recently upgraded to Windows 7 they are moving to a new OS anytime soon. Many avg consumors are happy with Windows 7 and while many of those people buy a pc with Windows 8 they won't take kindly to the change and most likely downgrade back to Windows 7.
  • nieur
    Windows 8 is not meant for corporations. Microsoft is pushing Metro/Windows 8 UI to attract developers
    As the windows phone user base is not very large app developers are reluctant to invest so if metro apps are also available desktop developers will have huge user base and many good apps will come for windows 8. which will result in success of windows 8 tabs and phones.
  • CaedenV
    I'm jumping in. 4 copies of win8 (2 desktops, 2 laptops), and 2 WP8 phones are what I am planning on this fall.
    If it works as expected, then great. If it falls on it's face, then I will be moving to an Android/Linux platform next time. I would try the android/linux platform now except that I still have too much software that is OS dependent, but as more and more programs have web and open platform solutions I find that my older software suites are slowly being replaced, and once they all are then I will be a little more free to change platforms at will.