Microsoft May Bring Full Start Menu Back in Windows 8.2

One of the biggest complaints consumers and critics have ranted about is the lack of a proper Start Menu in Windows 8. Microsoft heard those cries and added the Start Button with the release of Windows 8.1, but it's still not the same, sending users back to the touch-friendly Modern UI overlay. However, with Windows 8.2, that will likely change.

Sources told Windows SuperSite's Paul Thurrott that Microsoft plans to bring the Start Menu back to Windows. This will reportedly be an option; customers don't have to use it if they're already accustomed to the new methods of finding apps and services. There's also a chance that the Start Menu will only be offered to the product versions that support the desktop (like desktops and laptops).

"As you can today with third-party utilities such as ModernMix, the next version of Windows will let users optionally run Metro apps in floating windows on the desktop," writes Thurrott.

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  • oczdude8
    I don't see why everyone loves the start menu so much. Sure it was good, but why trample all over innovation. Instead of asking for a outdated start menu, we should be asking for an improvement to the metro UI. In 10 years we could very well have holographic displays for the home user that work with eye gestures. menus are becoming obsolete.
  • Stimpack
    I use windows 8/8.1 just fine, but it disgusts me how Microsoft lies about having "the old familiar start menu" back. Hopefully this won't be more BS.
  • jn77
    Metro looks like X Windows did back in the early 90's, talk about a step backwards, why don't they make it look like Solaris, or OS/ Windows 7 aero was pretty slick.