Windows 7 to Make Your Ears Happy

According to Microsoft, a high number of PC users experience audio clicks and pops when listening to music or watching a movie. Microsoft calls these audio anomalies "glitches."

Microsoft's Windows 7 blog team wrote:

Audio is especially sensitive. In order for you to hear music from your speakers, data needs to be delivered to your audio hardware approximately every 10 milliseconds, or 30 times in the blink of an eye! The challenge is that your PC is usually doing a lot of other things at the same time you’re listening to music, such as streaming that YouTube video or downloading that new song, and many of these other tasks have complex timing requirements as well. As you can imagine, it doesn’t take much – a slow network driver or a graphics driver that requires plenty of CPU time – to prevent your audio from reaching your ears in a continuous fashion.

Microsoft's Windows 7 blog team says that with the final release of Windows 7, users will experience better audio quality across the board. Microsoft's research team is working with several major PC vendors to get down to the root of the audio glitch problem but the company indicated that more than 4.3-percent of people had 10 or more glitches during each computing session.

Users alone weren't the only indicating factor for this study. Microsoft showed that laptop users experienced more glitching than desktop users. In fact, the number of laptop users experiencing glitches doubled that of desktop users.

More interesting is the fact that certain brands of computer makers showed my glitched units than others. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not reveal the names of the manufacturers that it studied.

Microsoft is doing a lot of things to improve the user experience of Windows. From revamping the taskbar to tweaking sound performance, Windows 7 final is shaping up to be a good update to Windows Vista.

  • thartist
    Just use AIMP.
    Awesome, lightweight, and no glitches even in 100% CPU load. Gone are the Winamp glitchy days for me.
  • erigolhuhu
    It is no secret that all the G50 and G71 line of ASUS notebook have a anoying poping noise!
  • mrface
    do you guys proofreaders or not?
  • jack102367

    Doesn't look like you do.
  • The_Blood_Raven
    I don't usually critique the proofreading on articles, but DAMN!
  • nirvanabah
    mrfacedo you guys proofreaders or not?
    Is this intended to be ironic?

    But in response to the article, i'm impressed by all the little things MS is trying to do to make W7 that much more user friendly. Eventhough Vista wasn't as bad as people wish it was, and is great now after the SPs, they seemed to have learned a hard lesson from it.
  • Grims
    Enough proofreading comments, simply accept the fact they don't do it.
  • p05esto
    who cares about proofing...they are diff language over at toms compared to US. Right??? I really don't know though :)
  • Honis
    Good article! Does this mean integrated sound cards will actually be worth using instead of buying nice hardware sound cards with release and forget drivers? I'm looking at you Creative!

    Has the double header problem come back or is this a extraneous glitch?
  • tweak13
    i swear to god if win7 isn't what its being hyped up to be.....