Microsoft CEO Candidate Talks Future Beyond Windows

Quartz recently interviewed Satya Nadella, the head of Microsoft's cloud and enterprise division, to discuss topics such as Microsoft's move to the cloud, what the cloud business means to the company, and if Microsoft's future is that of a services company. Nadella is reportedly one of the candidates Microsoft is considering for the CEO role, and as previously reported, the company expects to name its new CEO in the early part of 2014.

When asked about the future of Microsoft as a services company, Nadella said that he thought reconceptualizing Microsoft as a devices and services company is absolutely what the company's vision is all about.

"Office 365 and Azure on the services side are representative of it," he told Quartz. "Does that mean we won't have our software available for other people to build on? No. Windows is available outside of our devices. Windows server is available outside of our data centers. We think that's important because there will always be distributed computing."

"But at the same time, there is also the customer expectations that we should complete the scenario. That means running a cloud platform, running a cloud service. So were conceptualizing the future of Microsoft along those pivots," he added.

BGR points out that this move represents a fundamental change in Microsoft's business strategy. For decades the company built a business based of licensing its software to device makers. With Microsoft focusing on the cloud, it's showing that these licensing fees are no longer an important part of the equation. Microsoft is a devices and services company now, and is betting on building a cloud platform that Google, Apple and other competitors won't be able to match.

"It's all going to move to the cloud in some shape or fashion," Nadella said. "It need not all be a public cloud run by one North American company. It can be a private cloud or a public cloud. In our case we're participating in both those markets. We've built a big business here. But we're still a low-share player. We have a significant commercial business, but in the big scheme of things, when you say $2 trillion, we're nothing. So the way we look at it is how do we become part of the fabric which is helping with this digitization of everything."

To read the full interview, head here.

  • Morbus
    Microsoft is pushing Office 365 on companies like a drug pusher... They really do some outstanding job at marketing and pushing their products.

    My company uses LibreOffice though, we don't need none of the crappy ribbon M$hit.
  • monkeycmonkeydu
    You can't run a point of sale machine on the cloud, but you can run it on Linux.
  • rantoc
    The future is the cloud? Yeah why not - Lets go back to the old mainframe - terminal era with the added benefit of having the mainframes hooked up and accessible on the internet so every skilled hacker can get what they want... Its lazier to hack one place than millions so the hackers will likely send a thank you card while running off with credit cards numbers and the like - All of witch the end consumer have to pay the price for while the company responsibility of the security barely get a slap on the wrist...

    Another day - Another cloud disaster - Another day, two cloud disasters...
  • Pherule
    Make this guy CEO and Microsoft will destroy itself from the inside. The cloud is a bad idea, not a good idea. Your precious files are on a remote server? What if your Internet dies? What if the server is hacked? What if the server becomes corrupt? What if Snowden #2 comes along and the server is shut down without warning?

    Give end-users the power, Microsoft, or you will lose all the power you're trying so hard to cling to.
  • dennisburke
    MICROSOFT _ The Customer? _ Cloud Computing?_ I'm a customer too.

    C'mon Man _ Microsoft is Windows _ Windows is Microsoft _ Don't forget your roots and who buttered your bread.

    Microsoft could send my Heart a Flutter if they would spend a couple of days thinking about how to maybe upgrade Windows Media Center for us PC users. I don't think it would be that hard to do, and it would be nice to know that someone cares about me.

    _Content PC Gamer
  • AGTDenton
    Hate the 'cloud' and everything it stands for. Exactly like Web 2.0 utter rubbish.
  • timames
    I am not always hooked to the internet and it is NOT an advantage to have to use a MS account to use normal office software or even simple games . It will be easier to MS and NSA to track me and my data though.