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Microsoft Working on Windows 8.1 Update Fix

Back in mid-October, Microsoft released Windows 8.1, a free update for Windows 8 customers that was made available in The Windows Store. Over the last several months, Microsoft has made it very clear that Windows 8 customers will need to update their platform to the latest in order to receive security updates and platform fixes.

Unfortunately, there's a chunk of Windows 8.0/RT 8.0 consumers who have been unable to install the Windows 8.1 update, getting the evil Blue Screen of Death when attempting the upgrade. The good news is that a fix is coming, as Microsoft is currently testing a patch in "select markets."

"This (Windows RT) pilot program is an example of ways we're experimenting to help ensure more of our customers benefit from a continuously improving Windows experience," a Microsoft spokesperson told Paul Thurrott. "Similar to how the Windows 8.1 Update [1] process works today, the pilot program will automatically update consumer Windows 8 and Windows RT machines for free to Windows 8.1 Update and Windows RT 8.1 Update in select markets."

Customers who want to update now can check the Windows Store to see if it is offered. If not, the RT version of Windows 8.1 can be downloaded from the Microsoft Support web site and installed manually. Thurrott notes that both Windows 8.0 and Windows RT 8.0 customers will need to first install update 2871389 before applying the Windows 8.1 update.

Once Windows 8.1 is installed, customers will likely see Windows 8.1 Update 1 in Windows Store, which also needs to be installed in order to receive security updates and patches (not to mention cool new features). Microsoft is expected to launch Update 2 sometime in August, possibly followed by Update 3 or the Windows 9 "Threshold" public preview. 

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