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Model number, stage two: Intel debuts mobile P4 chips

Santa Clara (IL) - Three weeks after introducing the Pentium M, Intel carried the its new model numbering system over to the second processor group: The more powerful Mobile Pentium 4 now can be identified as part of the 5-series.

Intel introduced Tuesday its first 90nm CPUs for performance-oriented and desktop replacement notebooks. Built on the Prescott core, the new 518, 532, and 538 chips run at 2.8 GHz, 3.06 GHz, and 3.2 GHz. Pricing ist set at $202, $234, and $294, respectively in 1000-unit quantities.

The new 90nm chips include Hyperthreading and double the Mobile Pentium 4's L2 cache to 1 MByte

Compared to the Pentium M (Dothan), the new 5-series is significantly more power hungry. Thermal Design Power is rated at 88W. 130nm Mobile Pentium 4 chips post 66.1W (2.66 GHz) to 68.4W (2.8 GHz), the mobility-focused Pentium M consumes only 21W, according to Intel datasheets.

In a separate announcement, Intel also introduced the new Celeron M 340 processor for entry-level notebooks. The chip comes with 512 kByte L2 cache and is clocked at 1.5 GHz. The processor is yours for $134 (in quantities of 1000 units).