Mphase, Lucent demonstrate nanotech battery

Chicago (IL) - Mphase and and Lucent Technologies today announced a major milestone for future commercialization of a nanotechnology-based battery. According to the two firms, lab tests indicate that it is possible to fabricate nanotech-based batteries, which can store and generate electric current and icrease shelf life to more than a decade.

The prototype battery is based on a discovery at Bell Labs, the research arm of Lucent, that liquid droplets of electrolyte will stay in a dormant state atop microscopic structures called "nanograss" until stimulated to flow. In this way, an electricity-producing reaction is triggered. The firms claim that this "super-hydrophobic effect of liquids" can permit precise control and activation of batteries.

Future batteries based on this technology have the potential to deliver far longer shelf life and better storage capacity than existing battery technology, according a statement released by Mphase and Lucent. The companies believe that nanograss could allow the design of batteries with a shelf life of "decades."

Potential initial applications for this technology could include defense, industrial, healthcare and consumer electronics. Mphase said that it also intends to use the technology for lighter weight battery design.

The technology is expected to be commercially available at the end of next year.