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MSI, Corsair Partner Up To Create GeForce GTX 980 Ti Sea Hawk (Updated)

During the 2015 Tokyo Game Show, MSI and Corsair made a surprise announcement. The two companies have teamed up to bring their respective expertise to the table to create the GeForce GTX 980 Ti Sea Hawk, an overclocked 980 Ti cooled by one of Corsair's popular closed loop coolers.

MSI's GTX 980 Ti Sea Hawk features a hybrid cooling solution. The GPU is chilled by Corsair's proven H55 120 mm closed loop cooler. The H55 features a high-speed circulation pump and a low-profile aluminum radiator equipped with a silent variable speed fan. The GPU block features a micro-fin copper base which Corsair said manages efficient heat transfer.

The GPU is the only component cooled by the water block, but MSI has incorporated active air cooling for the VRMs and memory modules. The Sea Hawk's shroud includes a ball-bearing radial fan to blow fresh air across these components, which helps MSI push the memory to higher clocks than reference GTX 980 Tis.

The 6 GB of memory equipped on the card has received a slight bump in speed to 7096 MHz, up from the 7012 MHz designated by Nvidia's reference design. The GPU clock has seen a much more substantial increase. Nvidia's specifications call for a 1000 MHz GPU clock and 1075 MHz boost clock. With the H55 cooling the GPU, MSI was able to push the graphics processor to an unbelievable 1190 MHz, and the card will boost to 1291 MHz. MSI said there's more headroom for owners to push the card even further using the company's Afterburner overclocking software.

MSI and Corsair have not yet revealed when the GeForce GTX 980 Ti Sea Hawk will be available, and the suggested price has yet to be announced.

Update, 9/17/15, 7:40am PT: After publishing this article, it came to our attention that Corsair will also be selling a version of this exact same card. Corsair is calling its version the Hydro GTX GeForce GTX 980 Ti.

It shares pretty much every detail, right down to the MSI logo in the GPU shroud, but Corsair has announced the pricing and availability of its rendition. The Hydro GTX will have a suggested price of $739.99, and it will go on sale in October in the U.S. Corsair is offering a 3-year warranty for its first branded graphics card.

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