MSI Creates Evangelion Anime Themed PC Components

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MSI has some Nerv! The company just announced a new line of limited-edition components inspired by the wildly-popular Evangelion anime series that originally aired in 1995, known as the MSI x Evangelion e:Project Edition. The series includes a motherboard, AIO, case, and power supply, all custom colored and themed after the anime TV show. The pricing and availability of the parts remain uncertain at this time, but they'll be out later this year.

The parts include the MAG B660 Tomahawk motherboard, MAG Coreliquid C240, MPG Gungnir 110R computer chassis, and MAG A650BN power supply. The TV show MSI's new gaming gear is inspired by is known as the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, featuring an apocalyptic mecha action story set in the year 2015, where the protagonist Shinji has been recruited by his father Gendo to pilot a bio-machine mecha known as an Evangelion to combat beings known as Angels, working for an organization called Nerv. Evangelion is one of Japan's most influential mecha anime series of all time.

The color combination for all four components, the case, motherboard, cooler, and PSU are representative of the mecha from the series named Evangelion. The color scheme includes a black and purpose color combination, along with anime-themed writing on the tempered glass side panel of the case. The internal components also share the same purple-on-black aesthetic.

B660 Tomahawk EVA e-Project

The B660 Tomahawk included in this kit -- officially known as the MAG B660 Tomahawk EVA e-Project -- is part of Intel's new B660 platform supporting the companies latest 12th Generation Core I series Alder Lake CPUs.

The motherboard comes with DDR5 memory support, along with supported frequencies of over 6,200 MHz according to MSI. The board will come with a plethora of connectivity options including PCIe 4.0 slots, Gen 4 M.2 support, USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, 2.5G LAN, and Wi-Fi 6E for wireless connectivity.

Power delivery is quite robust with an enhanced 12+1+1 Dual Rail power system, that supports MSI's homemade Core Boost and Memory Boost technologies.

Interestingly, this will be the only Tomahawk version to support DDR5 memory at this time from MSI. The vanilla B660 Tomahawk only features a DDR4 version, with no word on a vanilla DDR5 model coming at this moment.

Gungnir 110R EVA e-Project

The Gungnir 110R included with this kit is a mid-tower ATX chassis featuring tempered glass on both the front and side panels. The case comes with four ARGB fans and is equipped with a good amount of front I/O including a USB Type-C port, dual USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports, and a Mic In/Audio Out port.

What makes the Gungnir 110R unique is its front panel which stands out from similar cases on the market. Just half of the front panel is covered in glass to the left, while the other side is closed off to the right, showcasing a humble-looking MSI logo.

The case can support up to three 120mm fans in the front, a single in the rear, and two on top. Along with support for 120mm through 360mm radiators in the front, and up to 240mm in the top. Support for 140mm fans is unknown, but MSI does list 280mm radiator support in the front, meaning there's the potential to put two 140mm fans upfront as well. The entire top of the case is ventilated as well, promoting good airflow.

Drive support includes dual 2.5-inch SSD mounts, along with a 3.5-inch drive mount for larger hard drives. But the 3.5-inch drive mount can be supplanted by a 2.5-inch combo tray, adding two additional drive mounts for SSDs or smaller HDDs.

Maximum GPU length measures in at 340mm, CPU cooler height at 170mm and there's up to 250mm of length for a power supply.

MAG Coreliquid C240 EVA e-Project

The MAG Coreliquid C240 is a 240mm all in one liquid cooler that supports both of the latest sockets from AMD and Intel -- AM4 and LGA 1700. The cooler comes with dual ARGB 120mm fans with a maximum speed of 2000 RPM.

The unit is entire black, and packs a fully lit RGB enabled center water block that should fit right in with any RGB equipped system. The cables are sleeved as well for a more aesthetically pleaseing look.

Designed to compete with the best CPU coolers on the market, the C240 features a different pump design than most AIOs. Instead of being housed directly in the CPU waterblock, MSI moved the pump directly into the radiator for improved sound dampening and noise reduction. As a bonus, this setup also allows you to fit the radiator in any orientation -- including right underneath the waterblock, which is something you cannot do with traditional AIOs as air bubbles will get stuck in the pump.

A650BN EVA e-PROJECT Power Supply

Last but not least is the A650BN included in this kit. It's a 650W unit rate for up to 85% efficiency, making it 80 Plus Bronze certified. It measures up to 150mm in length and has a maximum wattage of 650W. Like many power supplies today, it includes active safety protection such as OCP/OVP/OPP/OTP/SCP.

Again all these products are limited edition versions of their vanilla products, co-branded by the Evangelion e: Project. 

Aaron Klotz
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  • logainofhades
    Glad they haven't done something like Sword Art Online, for a theme. The wife would probably kill me, for buying it all.
  • Cpt. Katsuragi
    This was a missed opportunity to call it MAGI. I will still try to sell a kidney to buy it, though.