MSI's X570 Godlike Motherboard Could Cost Almost $800

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Though rumors about MSI's most luxurious X570 board have been floating around for some weeks now, and they were nothing more than rumors until the X570 Godlike appeared on Newegg Canada for $1050 Canadian, which is roughly equivalent to $800 USD. If this Newegg listing is not a mistake, the rumors about MSI pricing the Godlike at $777 are likely true. $777 was likely chosen for the same reason AMD chose July 7th to launch Ryzen 3000: It sounds nice, and it fits with the 7nm node AMD uses for the Zen 2 processors. 

MSI's CEO Charles Chiang hinted at high prices for X570 boards, so it's not too surprising to see this coming to reality. It is, however, a significant departure from the pricing structure we saw for motherboards with the X370 and X470 chipset, and the premium pricing has likely arisen from Ryzen 3000's improved single threaded and significantly enhanced multi-core performance thanks to the 12-core Ryzen 7 3900X and 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X. 

At such a high price, the X570 Godlike is one of the most expensive motherboards in recent memory, even when you consider HEDT chipsets like Intel's X299 and AMD's X399. However, it isn't necessarily overpriced since the features X570 delivers are almost on par with HEDT boards, and the additional quality motherboard vendors like MSI are putting into their X570 boards do demand higher prices. X570 almost exists in an entirely different class than the previous generation X470 chipset. We'll have to see whether or not that's a good thing.

Matthew Connatser

Matthew Connatser is a freelancing writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes articles about CPUs, GPUs, SSDs, and computers in general.

  • AllanGH
    Heh....I'll look at the X570s in about a year. No point in being in a hurry about it.
  • Gurg
    And TH went nuts about the outrageous high price of $600 MSI's MEG Z390 Godlike for the $499 9900k? LOL
  • USAFRet
    "Performance" equaled by a $200 board in 60 days, and beaten by a $150 board in a year.
  • AnimeMania
    AllanGH said:
    Heh....I'll look at the X570s in about a year. No point in being in a hurry about it.

    Especially since the "God" CPU doesn't come out til September.
  • mdd1963
    $800? LOL!

    Yeah, that's happening...and real soon! The sales and distribution of the approximately 15 units world-wide should prop up MSI's stock price very quickly!
  • DookieDraws
    Uh, I do believe I'll pass.
  • nagasama
    I'm not paying $800 for a motherboard.
  • sbarron1977
    People pay over $1000 for a GPU now a days and they sell out, so it doesn't surprise me. It'll sell out day one, if it improves systems 10% or even 5% just to have bragging rights.
  • partha_p
    The prices in India are higher obviously but still surprised me as it was a little bit more than I had imagined. What is more concerning is the entry level (Gaming Edge) X570 board itself is quite expensive.

  • hannibal
    Well 470 and 450 Are most popular motherboards for Ryzen 3000 cpus!
    How Many people Are gonna buy pci 4.0 ssd? Not too many. Good 450 motherboard can run 16 core Ryzen, so if you Are gonna make sensible budget setup, there is a way...