'Need For Speed: Payback' Trailer Shows Off The Game's Landscapes

Recent updates about Need for Speed: Payback focused on the game's cars, specifically on performance and cosmetic customization options. However, the latest trailer takes a break from the vehicles and puts the spotlight on Fortune Valley, the setting for Ghost Games’ latest title.

A massive downtown area is located in the middle of the map. Surrounding it are different regions that cater to different race styles. For instance, the smaller city of Silver Rock is located to the south east of downtown and features the boroughs of Billionaire’s Row and Boomville. You can use these city streets to show off your newest vehicle or compete in a drag race. Or, if you prefer the intensity of off-road races, you can travel to Liberty Desert, which also hosts an abandoned airfield and is where you'll find your first garage in the game.

Some of these regions host specific factions within their boundaries as well. For instance, Riot Club has a foothold in Boomville, and its members specialize in drag racing, whereas League 73 lives out in Liberty Desert, where you can race drivers in multiple off-road matches. Other notable areas in Fortune Valley include Mount Providence, a favorite spot for drift competitions; Silver Canyon, a suitable location for a sprint race; and Silver Dam, which provides some of the most scenic backdrops for your vehicle photo shoots.

Throughout these areas, you’ll also find many other places or items of interest. You can drive over the many “bait crates” you see throughout your journey in order to begin a police chase. If you want to buy better performance parts or repair any damage to your car, visit one of the many Part Shops or drive through a gas station, respectively. For the ultimate challenge, you can try and find derelict vehicles and their respective parts throughout the region. You can restore these unique cars from their current, rusty state back to their former and future glory.

Need for Speed: Payback arrives November 10, and if you want to see more gameplay, be sure to check out our coverage from this year’s E3. Before you place an order for it, make sure your current PC hardware is compatible with the game’s official spec requirements.

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NameNeed for Speed: Payback
DeveloperGhost Games
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
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Release DateNovember 10, 2017
  • RomeoReject
    I know it's fashionable to hate on EA and everything, but I'll be honest: I'm legitimately excited for this.
  • lperreault21
    You can drive over the many “bait crates” you see throughout your journey in order to begin a police chase.

    sounds like the crew