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New Nintendo 3DS XL Launches In U.S., Sells Without Charger

Today, Nintendo released the New Nintendo 3DS XL in the United States.

The new system brings many feature updates over the older 3DS system, although some of the changes may not be readily apparent. For example, on the outside of the devices, the changes are really subtle.

The speaker holes have a different pattern, the color is a bit different, the volume switch was moved, the letters on the buttons have been colored, there are a few extra shoulder buttons and there is an extra little bump above the action buttons that users will likely mistake for a button.

That extra little bump is actually what Nintendo calls a "C stick," but it's very similar to the TrackPoint pointing stick used on Lenovo's ThinkPads. This is expected to help give users better control in certain games.

One of the New Nintendo 3D XL features uses the camera to track your face while in use. By doing so, the console is able to alter its displays slightly to improve the 3D effects.

Going by Nintendo's specs, the only other changes to the devices are using a microSDHC instead of an SD card and having built-in NFC technology. The NFC technology is likely the most important change for users, as it will simplify the use of the Amiibos and no longer require a separate adapter.

Although Nintendo's New Nintendo 3DS system has a few more features that help separate it from the older 3DS, such as changeable face plates, this version is not expected to make a release in the U.S.; only the New Nintendo 3DS XL will be seeing a release.

A problem is already arising, however. Nintendo plans to sell the New Nintendo 3DS XL without a charger. Currently, the only users who will be able to charge their devices are those who own a similar device from Nintendo and use that charger.

This works out really well for users who will trade in their old devices towards credit on the new one, but for anyone thinking they can just buy a New Nintendo 3DS XL without owning the old one, this will be a headache.

Most simply, users who buy a New Nintendo 3DS XL and don't have the charger can buy the official one for $9.95 on Nintendo's store. It can also be purchased at Gamestop for $12.95, but after contacting a few local Gamestop stores, none of them had it in stock. Amazon has them available too, but at $13.98, and coming from lesser-known resellers.

There are several third-party chargers not made by Nintendo, and these can be bought at many places such as Amazon or Ebay, but unfortunately, this will void the warranty of the device.

Users who want to purchase the New Nintendo 3DS XL will be able to do so at many retailers for $199.99. 

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