New PoE HAT Available for the Rock Pi S

Radxa Rock Pi PoE HAT
(Image credit: Radxa)

We're serious fans of the Raspberry Pi. When another SBC rolls around, we can't help but look. Today we're showcasing the new PoE HAT for the Rock Pi S. This isn't the first time we've covered Rock Pi hardware, we talked about the Rock Pi 4C just last October. 

The new HAT provides support for 802.3af Power Over Ethernet Networks. It can handle up to 10W of input. 

It includes a built-in headphone jack as well as an FPC connector that can be used as an interface for microphones. There is also a 2P connector that can output 12V of power.

You may have noticed the GPIO pins are not accessible. There are plans mentioned in the Radxa Wiki for another HAT that provides GPIO pass-through. Until it's released, this HAT will limit your GPIO options.

This HAT is only compatible with the Rock Pi S edition with 512 MB of RAM and 1 GB SD NAND flash. This is the only compatible model, make sure you have the right board before picking up this HAT.

You can find the Rock Pi S PoE HAT on the Seeed Studio website. Just visit the PoE HAT product page to get started.

Ash Hill
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