Newegg Broadens Open-Box Return Policy Amid Backlash

Newegg (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Earlier in the week, we reported on Newegg agreeing to changes in its customer returns policy concerning open-box items. In brief, the policy changes weren't wide-ranging enough for any degree of satisfaction, as Newegg only said it would change its practices for open-box motherboard and CPU returns. Today, after continued consumer and YouTuber pressure, Newegg buckled further and has agreed to make all open-box returns "hassle-free."

To recap how we got to the situation today, major tech YouTube channel Gamers Nexus caught out Newegg's customer services, making things rather difficult for people who wanted to return open-box products. Then, Newegg's customer services virtually rolled out the red carpet when the team found who it was dealing with (Steve Burke, Editor in Chief of Gamers Nexus). Burke quipped that anyone could get good customer service from Newegg, as long as they have built a YouTube following in the millions over the last decade. With this sorry exchange thoroughly documented on YouTube, Newegg felt it had to publish a (weak) apology and announce some changes with its open-box product return policy.

Today, Gamers Nexus tweeted that it has met with Newegg management and linked to the Tweet below, demonstrating that the major etailer has taken on board some suggestions. Cryptically, Gamers Nexus informed its followers that Newegg "should have another one coming soon."

Newegg's tweet indicates, as per our headline, that retailer has broadened its hassle-free returns pledge to all open-box product categories. Moreover, it shares a new dedicated escalation email address for customers,

At the time of writing, we are still waiting for the promised Gamers Nexus and Newegg interview video to be published. However, the meeting precipitated the Newegg tweet, so the video will likely be online shortly.

Mark Tyson
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