Nvidia's Labeling 7 More FreeSync Monitors as G-Sync Compatible

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Nvidia announced today that it will add seven new monitors to its list of G-Sync Compatible displays on April 23.

The company introduced the concept of G-Sync Compatible displays in January. It's basically expanding the reach of its G-Sync adaptive sync technology via AMD FreeSync monitors that meet its criteria. Those standards appear to be pretty strict--Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said during the announcement at the CES tech show that only 12 of the "hundreds" of FreeSync monitors the company tested would be included with the initial batch of G-Sync Compatible products.

Three new monitors--two from Acer and one from BenQ--were added to the list of G-Sync Compatible products in March. And two others have been quietly added since January. Now, seven more are joining the list: one each from AOPEN, LG, Asus and Gigabyte and three more from Acer. That brings the total number of G-Sync Compatible displays to 24, and Nvidia isn't showing any signs of slowing down the category's expansion.

Nvidia said the driver adding support for these seven new monitors will debut via its website and GeForce Experience on April 23.

Here are the seven monitors joining the G-Sync Compatible family next week:

  • Acer KG271 Bbmiipx;
  • Acer XF240H Bmjdpr
  • Acer XF270H Bbmiiprx
  • AOPEN 27HC1R Pbidpx
  • Asus VG248QG
  • Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD

This continued expansion seems like a tacit admission that Nvidia has ceded much of the adaptive display market to AMD. FreeSync monitors are typically cheaper than their G-Sync counterparts, and many people care more about saving money than they do about Nvidia's standards. G-Sync Compatible monitors offer a middle ground where people can save money on a monitor without limiting their graphics card options.

More information about G-Sync and G-Sync Compatible monitors is available in our in-depth exploration for our What Is G-Sync? article. We also pitted G-Sync and FreeSync against each other to determine which adaptive sync technology offers the best performance and explained how to run G-Sync on a FreeSync / G-Sync Compatible monitor.

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