Nvidia announces Quadro FX 3450/4500 workstation graphics chips

Nvidia today introduced two new workstation graphics products for the higher-end and ultra high-end workstation market. According to the company, the Quadro FX 4500 offers substantially more performance and takes advantage of SLI to allow users the integration of two graphics boards into one system.

The FX 4500 comes with 512 MByte of memory a 256-bit memory interface and a memory bandwidth of 33.6 GByte per second. Compared to the previous flagship, the FX 4400, the new model offers about 50 percent performance. The triangle per second performance climbs from 133 million to 181 million, the fill rate grows from 6.4 billion texels per second to 11.3 billion.

The new FX 3450 is aimed for the higher-end market and fits performance-wise between the 3400 and 4400. The chip comes with 256 MByte memory and achieves 150 million triangles per second and 5.1 billion texels per second. The memory bandwidth is 32 GByte per second. (THG)