Report: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 Supposed Specs Revealed

The folks over at have decided to share with the world a number of details about the GTX 760. While the details carry no particularly big surprises, they do verify most of what we've seen before.

The card's GPU will be a GK104-225 part. It will feature 1152 CUDA cores, 32 ROPs, and 96 TMUs. The GPU will run at a base clock of 980 MHz and carry a boost clock of 1033 MHz. Also aboard the PCB, users will find 2 GB of GDDR5 memory, which will run at an effective speed of 6.0 GHz over a 256-bit memory interface. While 2 GB may be the default flavor for the card to come in, there will also be 4 GB versions. The report also indicates that the card will carry the GPU Boost 2.0 technology. With these specifications the card is replacing the GTX 660 Ti and not the GTX 670. Performance is expected to be slightly above that of the AMD Radeon HD 7950, though still below the Radeon HD 7970 levels.

The card will be fed its spike through two 6-pin PCIe power connectors, and the standard TDP is rated at 170 W.

According to the report, Nvidia's GTX 760 will be launched on June 25, early next week. Numerous sources indicate pricing to be around $299. Another thing to note is that after the GTX 760, according to the report, Nvidia has no new graphics cards planned for the coming months.

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  • Warsaw
    Nvidia has woken up and getting really aggressive with the dropping of prices with their 600 series, as well as bring in the new 700 products. AMD needs to start dropping prices and release the new cards shortly, Q4 is too long of a wait. Hoping for the best, everyone loves competition (especially our wallets).
  • King Hackintosh
    Wow guys did you know the MSI GTX 670 is now selling for $304 @ newegg!!!????
  • dudewitbow
    Anonymous said:
    Wow guys did you know the MSI GTX 670 is now selling for $304 @ newegg!!!????

    And theres a sapphire 7970 atm on newegg for 320$, 300$ after rebate, which is arguably the best value at the current moment.