Report: GTX Titan II Coming in 2015, a German website, has reported that Nvidia is working on the GeForce GTX Titan II. This graphics card will be based on the GM200 chip, which is not the same chip as the one in the GTX 880.

The website makes a couple of speculations regarding the specifications of this chip. First of all, the site is confident that the GM200 GPU will originally be aimed at the professional and enthusiast market. The chip will likely be fabricated on the existing 28 nm process and is expected to be about 600 square mm, which is huge. It is predicted to have about 4000 CUDA cores and a 512-bit memory interface. The exact number of CUDA cores remains unknown. Given this information, the performance should be about 40 to 50 percent higher than the GTX Titan Black. Perhaps this is the chip that we saw on the new graphics card PCB that was pictured last week., where the chip was spotted on a transport list, shows that the value of the chip is 22,245 Indian Rupees. This translates to about $370 for the chip alone, without a PCB. The chip is listed as an A1 revision.

If the rumors are correct, the GTX Titan II should be coming to market sometime during the first half of 2015, with gaming-oriented solutions hitting shelves later. We are not sure whether it will come to market that soon, given that this is still an A1 revision of the chip and is going back and forth between testing facilities. Note that all of the above is based on speculation and rumor.

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  • hannibal
    First 1999$ single GPU card? or even 3000$ for normal users?
    That chip is huge!
  • Ben Van Deventer
    40-50% faster than the Titan Black? So trading blows with the Titan Z?
  • Achoo22
    Not interested in buying this in the least. Not even a little bit.