Nvidia 7600 GS AGP cards launching today

AGP isn't dead yet and graphic chip developers and add-in-card manufacturers are responding to apparently still existing demand. Nvidia quietly launched an AGP version of its 7600 GS with first cards surfacing today.

According to Nvidia, the new cards offer the same specifications as the PCI Express versions, including a 400 MHZ core clock, a 400 MHz RAMDAC, twelve pixel pipes, five vertex shaders, 256 MB memory and a 128-bit memory interface. The company said that depending on the manufacturer, 7600 GS AGP cards will be priced between $160 and $200.

Among the first cards to be announced is Albatron's "AGP7600GS". The company claims that the device provides a 25% performance increase over its predecessor (6600 GT) while consuming less power and generating less heat.