Nvidia Announces Eclipse-based IDE for Linux, Mac OS X

At Nvidia's GTC event, the company announced Nvidia Nsight, Eclipse Edition, what claims to be the world’s first integrated development environment (IDE) for developing GPU accelerated applications on Linux- and Mac OS-based systems.

The new Nsight, Eclipse Edition, enables CUDA programmers to easily develop, debug and  optimize the performance of GPU-accelerated applications within a familiar, highly productive IDE based on the open source Eclipse framework. Key features include:

• Automatic code refactoring – Helps convert slow sequential CPU loops into parallel GPU kernels

• Integrated expert analysis system – Provides automated performance analysis and step-by-step guidance to address application performance bottlenecks

• High-productivity development environment – Syntax highlighting and auto-completion for both CPU and GPU code helps developers program more efficiently

• Integrated code samples, online documentation – Makes it easy for developers to quickly get started

Nvidia also announced an updated version of Nvidia Nsight, Visual Studio Edition for Microsoft Windows developers. Nsight, Visual Studio Edition (formerly known as Nvidia Parallel Nsight) adds a number of new enhancements and updated features, such as local single GPU debugging, which enables CUDA developers to debug their CUDA C/C++ code natively on the hardware with any system equipped with any CUDA 1.1 or higher capable GPU.

Developers can sign up to receive a free preview of Nvidia Nsight, Eclipse Edition or Nsight, Visual Studio Edition by joining the Nvidia GPU Computing Registered Developer program.

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