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Nvidia Shows Off Tegra 3 Optimized Games at MWC 2012

While Nvidia hasn't announced anything new at Mobile World Congress 2012, a slew of new games have arrived for Tegra 3-based devices. This is part of an effort to highlight how Nvidia's latest SoC is the only one in its field to offer a true gaming experience. To that end, Nvidia's doing a pretty good job. When it comes to eye bling, Nvidia reigns king in the world of mobile computing and it's showing through the number of game developers who are exclusively leveraging Tegra 3 hardware.

According to Nvidia, "these games didn’t come to Tegra 3 by accident. We’ve been working with these leading mobile game developers for over six years to hone and refine their wares. Tegra 3, with four performance processing cores, in addition to its fifth battery saver core, and a 12-core GeForce GPU, is putting console games on notice…"

The following is a list of games being announced:

  • Golden Arrow THD
  • Dark Kingdom THD
  • Eden to GREEEEN THD
  • Hamilton’s Great Adventure THD
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II

These games join an existing stellar suite of 3D eye candy which includes titles like Riptide, Shadowland, and others.