Oculus Rift Sex Simulator: It Was Bound to Happen

This was going to happen eventually, so it's not surprise that it's sooner rather than later. Despite the fact that it's not even commercially available yet, there is already a sex simulator for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.


According to BuzzFeed, the simulator was rigged up by a developer at an Oculus Rift Game Jam, an event organized by Facebook group VR Japan. It uses a Novint Falcon controller to operate a Tenga masturbation aid. With the machine set up and, er, everything in place, the user just has to don the Oculus Rift headset for a fully immersive virtual experience.

Check the demonstration video below. Content is, broadly speaking, safe for work, but you probably shouldn't watch it at the office.

VR TENGA DEMO (1): Oculus Rift+Novint Falcon+TENGA

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  • the1kingbob
    wow.... lmao
  • pbrigido
    desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose...
  • Christopher Shaffer
    But does it work with Crossfire?