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Teenagers Attacked After Mocking Town On YouTube

Oniontown (NY) - Residents of Oniontown, New York got their revenge against two teenagers who posted unflattering videos of their quant ’hamlet’ town. The teens hailed from Mahopac New York and posted a series of YouTube videos mocking the town by calling it a run-down dump and other not-so-nice terms. Residents weren’t amused and pelted the pair with rocks on a recent visit.

The teenagers received head and face injuries and the attackers have been arrested for criminal mischief. Interestingly enough, New York State Police Investigator Eric Schaefer warns people to stay out of the city, regardless of whether they’ve posted YouTube videos or not. "Anybody that doesn’t belong there, anybody that’s not a resident, just stay out of Oniontown," said Schaefer.

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