Online Voters Turn Out On Super Tuesday

Washington (DC) - While millions of people from Delaware to Alaska were voting for their presidential pick yesterday, Democrats also reached beyond the country's borders with the first ever official online voting.

Independents and Democrats from the US who happen to be overseas are making history this week thanks to Democrats Abroad, a group with 11 Democratic delegates that allows voters to cast their ballots online throughout the world.

At designated locations in Rome, London, Canada, Hong Kong, and numerous other global spots, Americans were able to log on to a special website and cast their vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. The voting opened up yesterday and continues for a total of one week.

Yesterday was aptly named "Super Tuesday" because of the sheer amount of states participating in primary elections. A total of 24 states, as well as US territory American Samoa, took part in yesterday's vote, more than any other one day in American political history.

In primary and caucus elections, the winning candidate gets to have a certain number of delegates on his or her side during the party's national convention, where the official candidate is crowned.

For example, whoever wins the Demorats Abroad group will take 11 delegates. These 11 will make up part of the Democrats' total 4048 delegates and will most likely vote for their represented primary winner.

Though the numbers are still coming in early Wednesday morning, yesterday has already pounded primary voting records with extremely high turnout. Obama took in over 1.1 million votes in Illinois alone. Though pundits are now making predications of who the official candidates will be, about half of the country still has not held a primary or caucus election. The process continues through June 3, when the South Dakota and Republican New Mexico primaries are held.