Origin PC Teases OMEGA 'Living Room PC' With Non-Living Room Graphics Capabilities

In addition to its trio of new gaming notebooks, Origin PC teased a new "living room PC" called the Omega. The company was coy about any exact specs or details, so we're forced to read between the lines here, but the Omega looks to be Origin's version of a Steam Machine, and more.

The Steam Machine saga is well-documented (here on Tom's Hardware, and elsewhere). Custom builders such as Origin are still, after two years, waiting on Valve to push SteamOS out of beta and finish up that consarned controller so they can put the finishing touches on their respective so-called "Steam Machines." Many builders gave up waiting early on and released what I've taken to calling Not-Steam Machine Steam Machines, which typically run Windows and a version of SteamOS, or at worst, simply run Windows and make use of Steam's "Big Picture" feature.

Origin already announced something along those lines last year with its Chronos systems, but Omega could be a more evolved version of that.

Origin told us that the Omega will offer "dual boot capabilities with multiple operating systems," which we assume includes Windows, SteamOS, and possibly even Android.

We don't yet know what the specs will be, but Origin told us that they will include support for top-of-the-line Nvidia GPUs -- in SLI -- as well as liquid cooling and the company's factory overclocking service.

The chassis (that's plural, mind you) will be HTPC cases with custom paint jobs, indicating a variety of available configurations, and you'll be able to buy mice, keyboards, and wireless Xbox controllers along with it.

"Origin PC is also considering in bundling an all-in-one wireless keyboard/trackpad with Omega," the company said.

Omega will launch sometime this year. We should be able to get more information and some pretty hands-on pictures this week at CES.

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  • EasyLover
    Where others have given up on waiting and releasing non-steam version machines, what would Omega do about it? Omega reminds me of that large space station in Mass Effect 3 run by Aria with bandits clans. :) Just a thought
  • back_by_demand
    Thanks to Gabe not putting any effort into getting SteamOS or the controller out to the yearning masses, the hardware vendors have pushed out Windows PCs. Lucky customers are able to play all their games, use an existing Xbox controller if they want and have a real OS. If Gabe was serious about supplanting Windows he isn't doing much to convince us.