Toms Hardware To Host Extreme Overclocking Competition In June

Tom’s Hardware will host an extreme overclocking competition towards the end of June, and we’re looking for the best overclockers out there so as we can fly you to LA, put you up in a hotel and then see what you can do with your rig. And yes, we’re encouraging people to bring along their liquid nitrogen.

Over the next week, we will be looking for super-overclockers and we invite your nominations. You can nominate yourself, another person or even a team of overclockers.

Do you think you have what it takes? The competition will see the best overclockers come together and set up their rigs in our LA labs. We then want to observe you pushing your machine to the very limits of what can be overclocked, and we’ll be looking for the coolest, fastest, and most stable systems we can get.

As well as the chance to be featured on Tom’s Hardware during this expenses-paid trip (we’ll even fork out for some lunch) there will be top prizes and some… Interesting… Opportunities for the winners of the overclocking competition.

So don’t dally, send in an application containing the following details of yourself, your team, or the person / teams you are nominating:

  1. First and Last Name(s) of Nominee(s)
  2. Email Address(es) of Nominee(s)
  3. Website of Nominee(s)
  4. Handle(s) of Nominee(s)
  5. Age(s) of Nominee(s) - (Must Be Over 18)
  6. Overclocking Experience with Examples of Specific Overclocking Results on Specific Hardware and Any Other Proof of Overclocking Prowess
  7. Interesting Facts about Your Nominee(s)
  8. Why You Think Your Nominee(s) Should Participate in the Contest
  9. Components List for Your Nominee(s) Computer(s)
  10. Components List for Your Own Computer(s), If You’re Not a Nominee

Remember the details of the competition:

  • We are looking for hardcore, extreme overclockers who can prove their experience
  • We want the best of the best
  • All cooling means are allowed
  • All key component types will be involved
  • We will provide the latest hardware, including processors, chipsets and graphics
  • Participants will have the opportunity to battle it out in a contest covered extensively by Tom’s Hardware USA

Good luck!