Overdrive Finals: Results After 8 Hours of Overclocking

All teams have spent considerable time finding ways on improving CPU and GPU performance. The Core i7's Turbo Mode has been an issue for some of the teams, as it would reduce the multiplier from the pre-set x28 to only x26 when all four core (or even eight threads) are at peak load. This is because the Turbo mode was designed to accelerate one individual core, which is beneficial for single threaded applications. At peak load, however, the CPU would reduce the multiplier to avoid overheating. In our case, that's not necessary at all, as the processors are all running at around -80°C to -100°C.

Scores at 6 pm CET

We also want to note that we are glad to say that all guys all awesome sportsmen. Whenever a record is broken, the others look at it as a challenge to get better, congratulating the successful competitor. Here is a quick overview. Keep in mind that the results currently change every minute!

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Tom’s Overdrive Global Scores at 6 pm CET on Saturday, December 13, 2008.
SuperPi 1.5 1M8.266 sec8.218 sec8.125 sec8.043 sec7.985 sec
SuperPi 1.5 32M8 min 03,016 sec7 min 52,516 sec7 min 40,953 sec7 min 44,022 sec7 min 53,86 sec
wPrime 1.55 32M5.188 sec5.22 sec5.265 sec5.756 sec5.297 sec
wPrime 1.55 1024MRow 5 - Cell 1 170.375 secRow 5 - Cell 3 Row 5 - Cell 4 165,11 sec
PiFast 4.117.98 sec18.16 sec17.61 sec17.63 sec17.44 sec
AquaMark 2003Row 7 - Cell 1 227,628Row 7 - Cell 3 Row 7 - Cell 4 233,043
3DMark 01Row 8 - Cell 1 70,669Row 8 - Cell 3 Row 8 - Cell 4 68,733
3DMark 03Row 9 - Cell 1 67,335Row 9 - Cell 3 Row 9 - Cell 4 62,953
3DMark 05Row 10 - Cell 1 34,491Row 10 - Cell 3 Row 10 - Cell 4 33,171
3DMark 06Row 11 - Cell 1 25,483Row 11 - Cell 3 Row 11 - Cell 4 22,394

Clearly, almost all of the teams reached a top score, leaving the playing field somewhat even and making it hard to predict who might be our winner. The teams still have almost two hours to go today, and they will have six more hours tomorrow to chase better results.

Right now, the US team leads in Wprime 1024M, Taiwan dominates 3DMark, Germany is strongest in SuperPI 32M and Italy dominates PIFast and SuperPI 1M. We expect all teams to engage in graphics benchmarking tomorrow as well.