Microsoft to Fix 14 Flaws This Coming Patch Tuesday

We're well into September and with the second Tuesday of the month almost upon us, Microsoft has announced the issues that it will be patching with this month's Patch Tuesday. Of the whopping 14 issues listed, just four are marked as critical, while the other 10 are listed as important.

Bulletin's one and two relate to Microsoft Office and Microsoft Server Software and Microsoft Office respectively. Both are critical, as are bulletins three and four. Bulletin three relates to Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer while bulletin four relates to Microsoft Windows. These bulletins' 'critical' labels mean these are vulnerabilities that could allow for remote code execution without user interaction.

Of the remaining ten bulletins, five relate to Microsoft Office, and a further five address issues in Microsoft Windows. One of the Windows patches also addresses an issue in Microsoft's .NET Framework. Remember, bulletins marked as important address vulnerabilities that may result in the compromise of confidentiality or integrity, or the availability of user data, or of the integrity or availability of processing resources.

For full details of Tuesday's bulletins, hit up Microsoft's TechNet.

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  • Icecweam7
    Business as usual for Microsoft. -.-
  • beta212
    As if there weren't enough vulnerabilities already for the NSA, just hope they still have enough to work with, in the name of "national security"
  • egilbe
    Haha, Microsoft lost all credibility when they marked Bing Desktop as a critical system update.