'Payday 2' Heads To VR Later This Year

VR players will have a new game to play later this year, as Overkill Software announced in a livestream yesterday that Payday 2 will be available as a VR title via an update called Payday VR.

As part of the announcement, the studio showed off some of the VR gameplay in a short teaser trailer. Aside from using one (or both) of your controllers to aim and shoot a weapon, you can also interact with items by simply hovering your digital hand over the object. Multiple UI elements, such as the amount of bullets in your gun, countdown timers, and the objective are placed around your hands so that they're easily accessible. If you’re the only person in your Payday group of friends who has a VR set, don’t worry--you can still play with your friends, because the game will allow cross-platform gameplay between VR and PC players.

The trailer also featured the game played with the HTC Vive, although it’s not clear if the title is exclusive to the Vive or if it’s coming to the Oculus Rift at some point in the future. If you already own the game, you’ll receive Payday VRfor free. A beta for it will be available sometime this year, but Overkill didn’t provide a specific date.

The livestream also revealed that Overkill will release an Ultimate Edition variant of the game on June 8 that includes all of the downloadable content (DLC) for $45. If you already own the game, you can upgrade to the Ultimate Edition, but the price varies depending on the amount of paid DLC that you already own.

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NamePayday 2
TypeShooter, Action, Heist
DeveloperOverkill Software
PublisherStarbreeze Studios
PlatformsWindowsLinuxPlayStation4Xbox OneNintendo Switch
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Release DateAugust 13, 2013 (PC)June 16, 2015 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One)Winter 2017 (Nintendo Switch)
  • cryoburner
    That has to be uncomfortable wearing headphones like that with giant rings in your ears. Also, he has a button in his beard. >_>

    As for the game, what would the point be in wearing a mask for a heist if you are going to be holding it in your hand instead of wearing it outside the building?

    I also found it worth noting that the trailer does not show the player moving in VR, so they apparently didn't want people to see how that would be handled. Will the player be teleporting around? Will they be getting nauseous sliding around with thumb controls? Or maybe something else? I was interested in seeing what they planned to do for that, but they just conveniently left that detail out.
  • Pfunkstar28
    The absence of locomotion was glaringly obvious. Kept waiting to see how they would address player movement in the video and they just... didn't.