Tom's Guide: Best Free Photo Management Tools

Before the advent of digital cameras, it wasn't unusual for people to have boxes of photographs just waiting to be sorted and filed away or put into albums. These days, with digital cameras available for relatively little money, a similar problem exists: Folders of images dumped from your memory card or phone onto your your hard drive and promptly forgotten about. Indeed, organizing photos can be a massive pain in the neck. Luckily, there are applications to help you with this mundane task. Check out Tom's Guide's 'Best Free Apps for Managing Pictures.'

The advent of digital photography has made capturing images of the world around us easier than ever. It's also resulted in a massive increase in the amount of pictures we have to manage. It's not unusual to have hundreds or even thousands of photos scattered across poorly labeled folders and a half-dozen different devices. Organizing them all can be a Sisyphean task, with new photos coming in even as you file your current collection of images into a systematic whole. Here are a few free apps and trial tools for organizing, editing, and browsing. We hope they will help you on your way to a neat and well organized photo collection.Best Free Apps for Managing Pictures

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