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PNY Technologies Announces Anarchy, Anarchy X Performance Memory Modules

PNY is making a move into the performance memory market with its new line of Anarchy and Anarchy X DDR3 and DDR4 modules, which are targeted at gamers. PNY's new DDR3 modules are available with frequencies as high as 2400 MHz, and DDR4 modules running at 2800 MHz are also offered.

PNY launched two distinct lines of memory within the Anarchy brand. The standard Anarchy modules come equipped with XLR8 heat spreaders offered in both blue and red. These modules are available in various frequencies for both DDR3 and DDR4.

The Anarchy X brand is reserved for the highest-clocked memory modules. PNY is offering DDR4 operating at 2800 MHz and DDR3 operating as high as 2400 MHz under this branding. The Anarchy X heat spreaders are somewhat more aggressive than the standard Anarchy memory and are also available in blue or red.


Anarchy PC3-12800Anarchy PC3-12800Anarchy PC3-14900Anarchy PC3-17000Anarchy PC3-19200Anarchy PC3-19200
8 GB (2x4 GB)16 GB (2x8 GB)8 GB (2x4 GB)8 GB (2x4 GB)8 GB (2x4 GB)16 GB (2x8 GB)
Dual ChannelDual ChannelDual ChannelDual ChannelDual ChannelDual Channel
1600 MHz1600 MHz1866 MHz2133 MHz2400 MHz2400 MHz
1600 MHz 1333 MHz1600 MHz 1333 MHz1866 MHz1600 MHz1333 MHz2133 MHz1899 MHz1600 MHz2400 MHz2133 MHz1866 MHz2400 MHz2133 MHz1866 MHz
10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years


Anarchy PC4-17000Anarchy PC4-19200Anarchy PC4-19200Anarchy PC4-19200Anarchy X PC4-21300Anarchy X PC4-22400
8 GB (2x4 GB)8 GB (2x4 GB)16 GB (2x8 GB)16 GB (4x4 GB)16 GB (4x4 GB)16 GB (4x4 GB)
Dual ChannelDual ChannelDual ChannelQuad ChannelQuad ChannelQuad Channel
2133 MHz2400 MHz2400 MHz2400 MHz2666 MHz2800 MHz
2133 MHz2400 MHz 2133 MHz2400 MHz2133 MHz2400 MHz 2133 MHz2666 MHz2400 MHz2133 MHz2800 MHz2666 MHz2400 MHz
10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years10 Years

PNY's Anarchy and Anarchy X DDR3 and DDR4 memory is available through the company website and various partner retailers.

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