PNY Builds XLR8 RGB DDR4 Gaming Memory With Flashy RGB

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If you're looking to build a system with a ton of bling, PNY's latest XLR8 EPIC-X RGB memory kits might be just what you're looking for. These are the company's latest announcement, expanding on the XLR8 lineup with an RGB option as spotted by TechPowerUp.

The XLR8 EPIC-X RGB DDR4 modules will come in four different kits at launch, featuring 8 GB, 16 GB with two 8 GB modules, 16 GB, and 32 GB with two 16 GB modules. All the kits run at speeds of 3200 MHz with CL 16-18-18-36 timings, and they'll require 1.35V to operate. So, as far as specifications go, we're looking at some pretty ordinary mid-tier level memory, but most people won't observe performance gains from faster memory anyway.

(Image credit: techPowerUp)

The coolers installed onto the XLR8 EPIC-X RGB memory modules are made of aluminum alloy, and topped off with diffusers for a smooth, soft lighting effect provided by the LEDs underneath. The lighting is provided by five RGB LEDs underneath each diffuser.

The RGB lighting on the modules is compatible with the Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light Sync and ASRock Polychrome Sync ecosystems.

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MD32GK2D4320016XRGB2 x 16GBDDR4-3200$134.99
MD16GK2D4320016XRGB2 x 8GBDDR4-3200$79.99
MD16GD4320016XRGB1 x 16GBDDR4-3200$69.99
MD8GD4320016XRGB1 x 8GBDDR4-3200$39.99

The new XLR8 EPIC-X RGB memory kits are available for purchase on PNY's website. The 8GB and 16GB modules cost $39.99 and $69.99, respectively. The 16GB (2x8GB) and 32GB (2x16GB) memory kits go for $79.99 and $134.99, respectively.

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