The Amazing (Real) Pocketbike PC Case Mod

We all love a good case mod. Some of our favorite case mods involve things that weren't meant to hold computers in the first place, such as a pocketbike that can hit 110 km/h.

17-year-old "Saibot" from Canada took an old pocketbike and gutted it to accept a full Intel Core i7-based system. The impressive project took 12 days of work spread over five months.

The best part of his mod was that he documented the entire process with pictures, transforming a furry bike into an amazing pocketbike PC complete with lighting effects. The user can still actually sit on the bike, but with no engine, it's not going anywhere.


Corsair TX750watt PSU
Intel i7 920 d0 batch# 3845b260
Asus p6t
OCZ 6gb DDR3-1800 @ 8-8-8-26
XFX 8800 GTS (my 9800 gtx+ died)
1x WD 500gb HDD
1x Samsung 1tb HDD
Furry pocket bike
True120 + tricool
Lots of lights and led fans.

Check out his build in full detail here. (Yes, we know that this mod is from nearly a year ago, but true coolness is timeless.)

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  • sirmorluk
    Sure you guys can laugh but I can tell you nothing beats the feel of 2.6 Ghz of raw multicore hyperthreaded power between your legs.
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  • nforce4max
    Amazing now how fast does it go? :P
  • pangedit
    Who owns a furry bike? LOL
  • back_by_demand
    ulysses35Does it play Crysis ?

    With an 8800 GTS, probably not very well