Roccat Launches Power-Grid Remote Service and App

On Tuesday Roccat brought its Power-Grid service into open beta, allowing users to turn their Android smartphone or Apple iPhone into a remote control for their PC. The software, comprising of the smartphone app and desktop client, features preset Grids and Controls that offer functionality ranging from adjusting Windows settings to executing in-game macro sequences in popular games such as StarCraft II and League of Legends.

"Power-Grid opens up a whole new world of opportunities for PC gamers," states Roccat CEO and founder René Korte. "Finally you are able to connect your smartphone to your gaming environment – it just feels natural and makes perfect sense. Forget about inflexible solutions like keyboards with integrated displays; create your own command center and benefit from this innovative Roccat technology."

According to the announcement, the software also provides gamers with the ability to create their own configurable Grids and Controls. There's also a new Power-Grid website that provides a database for those searching for additional Grids and Controls. The database will feature Roccat as well as community content, the latter being facilitated by the launcher software’s Grid and Control import/export process.

In addition to the software, the company is also releasing an SDK for developers. "Professional developers and studios will make use of this just like ambitious amateur coders," Korte adds. "At GDC Europe this year people were amazed by the possibilities and openness of Power-Grid and its SDK. A lot of creative minds out there will do a lot of unseen things with it – and so will we."

Power-Grid does not require the use of Roccat equipment, but products released in 2014 will take advantage of the new system. Power-Grid also works via Wi-Fi, meaning both the smartphone and desktop/laptop will be required to be on the same wireless network.

As seen in the video below, users can hit the Incoming Center button to send cross-platform messages to friends when looking to gather a party for a guild raid. Hit the System Stats button to find out what's slowing down the PC during a game, and tap on the Sound Control button to turn down the volume on specific software. The custom button displays a grid that users can customize, such as a quick-launch grid featuring Skype, Firefox, email Microsoft word and so on.

To get started, head here. The Android app is located on Google Play here, and the iPhone version is located on iTunes here. The duration of the open beta is unknown at this point, but Roccat plans to implement new features and optimize the software based on the user feedback.

  • edogawa
    Just installed it, really awesome app with lots of customizing, pretty clever idea.
  • ShadyHamster
    Been waiting for this for Android for some time now, glad to see its finally open beta.