Sony's PS Vita Slim Launch is UK-only (For Now)

Sony's PS Vita Slim, also known as the PCH-2000, was first launched last fall and, at the time, was Japan-only. Now, just three months later, the device is making its way to the UK. Those elsewhere in the world are no doubt disappointed to be missing out on this new model. But don’t despair! We’d guess a U.S. launch isn’t too far off.


Sony announced the UK launch at an event teased last week. The company is calling this the 'slimmest launch in Playstation history.' The console is 20 percent thinner than the original PS Vita, 15 percent lighter, and cheaper to boot (well, cheaper compared to the Vita's launch price). Not an insignificant update. So we figured it was only a matter of time until this console arrived in the USA. When we asked Sony’s USA and Canadian PR, neither said there were no plans to bring the console to the states. The Canadians said they had no news for us regarding a launch in the Great White North while Sony USA said they had no announcements to make "at this time."

It’s not much, but it’s hope that Sony hasn't forgotten the US market. When you look at the bigger picture, it's hard to imagine Sony not launching this updated version of the Vita globally. Aside from being thinner and lighter, the PS Vita Slim is available in various colors (though folks in the UK will only have access to the black model), has a curvier body, a smaller rear-touchpad, 1 GB of built-in memory, micro-USB support, and (arguably the biggest change of all) an LCD instead of an OLED panel. Alone, each of these changes is just about notable. Combined, they make for quite a different device. We'd be very surprised if the PS Vita Slim didn't hit North America this year. Especially since IGN cites Sony as saying this model will replace the older, bigger Vita model as stock is exhausted. Perhaps Sony will bring the PS Vita Slim to E3?

The PS Vita Slim will sell for £180 in the UK. There is no 3G model yet.

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  • XGrabMyY
    Good. It comes with an inferior display. The OLED is superior on the original unit in all ways.
  • bustapr
    I wouldnt really call this a Vita Slim. was the original vita not already slim? 20% slimmer may sound like alot, but its not really much difference on a device that is already slim.
    Good. It comes with an inferior display. The OLED is superior on the original unit in all ways.
    all ways except price, which is the main reason for making this. people werent buying the expensive handheld console, so they made it cheaper. Best way to make it cheaper is changing the display to a much cheaper type, which isnt horrible. Im sure most people who would buy a vita would appreciate this tradeoff.
  • CDdude55
    The issue is content, software sells hardware and Sony still hasn't stepped there game up with the Vita in that regard, it's similar to Nintendo's Wii U problem, it's not enticing enough and the name confuses people so it stays on the shelves.

    I was one of the people who bought the Vita's early release bundle back in 2012, and still have no reason to hold on to it.